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Illustration: 1 whole week of non-stop hard work paid off when I watched Flare and chat's reaction, that's all I could ask for; this was for you chat, this was for you Flare!

NEW WHEEL: So I wanted to do something else with my "WE ARE NOT A CULT" illustration, so I reached out SupremePiccolo, the creator of the original Wheel, asked him about mixing our concepts, and he was super down. So we spent the last 4 days working back to back as a team, sharing ideas, going back and forth, testing things all the time...

-ART Part - I ended up making the illustration Animation for the background, the BAN/REWARD big texts and also the Sound Design for it!

-TECH Part - Piccolo made the entire thing from scratch on Unity, to place every element, the 3D models and animations, lightning... and all the TECH part.

I'm so grateful to Piccolo for being down to make this happen, he's such a cool guy and super talented. We had so much fun doing this. Much respect for him.

And to the community, thank you so much for the support on everything I made for Flare, makes me feel so happy reading all comments from you guys. Hope this made the stream better so you can enjoy the experience of the Wheel/Cult more!

NEW WHEEL for Flar3Fir3 [SupremePiccolo x Alex Illustration]

Flare Mobile Wallpaper

Flare Mobile Wallpaper