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This is a huuuge project that i decided to start just to thank Amanda Cha all what she does (and as a gift for her birthday), she's who inspires me everyday.

I spent a half of a month making sketches, and then a month and a half on the digital drawing.

A Prototype that's a mix of a lot of producers <3

This draw has references from (in what i inspired on):

-The tail is from Feed Me.
-The half mask and the knife are from Knife Party.
-The red things in the back are from Infected Mushroom.
-The blue ear is from Deadmau5.
-The body and arms are from Zomboy - Resurrected.
-The X in the middle is from Excision and the yellow belly is from Amanda's drawing (because i wanted to add something from her):…
-The closet in the wall has the Madeon - Imperium logo.
-And the cork on the wall has the logos of: Zomboy - Resurrected, Feed Me, Pendulum, Noisia, Deadmau5 and Knife Party.

This is for real the best thing i've ever made <3